I am so excited to be experiencing this as my first business venture. Being a recent grad from the business school at New Mexico State University with degrees in Small Business Management & Marketing. One teaching they emphasize at NMSU is that a quality product will always sell itself. With that being said, when creating this company I went searching for the highest quality photo-booth I could find. In order to provide the best quality product, we use a DSLR camera, Full L.E.D. lights, and an outstanding Dye Sublimation Printer. These components are all wrapped up in a beautiful, contemporary, completely white case. 

Being locally owned and operated means that first of all, we value our customers over everything. Understanding what the customer wants is our number one priority and I believe that is displayed through our customer service, the overall experience and our final product. This also means that the money you spend with us is money spent into the local economy. Finally, with being a locally owned and operated company, when an issue or question arises, you have opportunity to speak to a real person who is also the manager and owner, not an automated machine or someone who is not completely qualified to answer all of your questions.

Being an entrepreneur has always been a life goal for me, and now this company is helping me pursue my passion. I love having the ability to create a truly memorable event and most importantly being able to give my customers the best experience and product that I can. 


Owner, Operator of Clik